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BP2B is driven by our value engineering idea of development.  We are heavily focused on saving the client money where possible.  This can be done through choosing the right property to purchase, figure out a economical layout, and knowing all the steps needed to turn a green field site into a function and operational business.

Pre-development coaching

There are many stages to developing, and finding the starting line can get confusing. BP2B will coach our clients in the process to starting your development journey

Pre-purchase property assessments

Finding the right property to buy and build on can be a difficult task.  Many factors get in the way of choosing the best property.  BP2B will assist in finding the best property for you.

Pre-consolations applications

Municipalities require a pre-consultation meeting prior to any site plan or building permit applications.  BP2B is specialized in creating early design layouts to submit and discuss with he municipality.

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